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Divide row by row

Hi guys, I've been having a little problem doing some math.

I have the following table

Time            Banana  Apple

1300-1305    1000      50

1305-1310    2000      30

1310-1315    3000      10


I need to divide each row, banana/apple, get a result and sum it all up. The problem is that Power BI sums the collumn and then divide, which gives me a non-real result.

How can I solve this?



Frequent Visitor

Hi, @MarianaBotelho !

I believe that you'll need to transform your data table from this



into this:


Then, you'll have to create a measure:

Ratio = SUM( Table[Quantity] )


After this, you'll add a 'Stacked Column Chart' with the following data fields setup:

Axis X:  Table[Date] (field)
Axis Y: [Ratio] (measure)
Legend: Table[Produtc] (field)

Doing so, you'll have something like this:



One way to solve the issue related to presenting dates without products is to change the data structure of the Table[Date] field. For this, do the following:


1. Click on the field 'Date',

2. Then, change the data structure format from 'Date' to 'Text'


Please mark it as a solution or give a kudo if it works for you, otherwise let me know if you run into an issue and I'll do my best to assist. 





New Member

If the columns are differnt the how can we achieve this(2 columns are coming into 2 different tables)

You can use PowerQuery and "Unpivot" the different fruits into one column (Attribute), creating a new column of quantity (value). The Date will double up in each row, the same for Banana & Apple. 


The basic of a proper table is one attribute per column (date, product, value, store, customer, ...). 


Depending on the complexity of your model, you'll want to use dimension tables and link that to your fact table(s). 

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You can also write a measure such as the following:


Apple to Banana Ratio:= SUMX (



Please mark it as a solution or give a kudo if it works for you, otherwise let me know if you run into an issue and I'll do my best to assist. Go To for more techniques and user guides.



Ryan Durkin

@MarianaBotelho - could you perhaps show the result that you want.


I have created this small sample on your data and can get some different results:

Skærmbillede 2016-06-15 kl. 20.58.42.png


Ratio is calculated as a measure with this formula: (I am still trying to understand why the total for this is 200)

Ratio = 
	DIVIDE( SUM(Table1[Banana]), SUM(Table1[Apple]) )

RatioColumn is calculated as a column in the table with this formula: (from what you write I think this is what you want)

RatioColumn = DIVIDE( Table1[Banana], Table1[Apple] )



Basically I would always advise you to solve your calculations with measures if posible and you can get Ratio to return the same total as the calculated column if you make a small change to the DAX formula.


Here is the formula that will return the same as the calculated column.

Ratio = 
	DIVIDE( CALCULATE( SUM(Table1[Banana]) ), CALCULATE( SUM(Table1[Apple]) ) )

Skærmbillede 2016-06-15 kl. 21.15.16.png

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Hi @MarianaBotelho,


You can do a calculated column.  Banana to Apple Ratio :='TableName'[Banana]/'TableName'[Apple]


Please mark it as a solution or give a kudo if it works for you, otherwise let me know if you run into an issue and I'll do my best to assist. 



Ryan Durkin

Hi, so I still have one problem.

I apologize if I'm not being able to explain myself well enought.

My table uses slices of five minutes. When I need a one hour slice, I need it to sum everything in that one hour slice for the Banana and Apple column and then divide them.

Example, let's use 10 minutes slices.


This is my original table

Time           Banana   Apple

1300-1305    1000       50

1305-1310    2000       30

1310-1315    3000       10

1315-1320    2500       20


I need something like this

Time           Banana  Apple

1300-1310    3000      80

1310-1320    5500      30


And then I'll do the math you suggested.

Any way to do this?





According to your description, you want to change the 5 minutes slicers into 1 hour slicers. Right?


In this scenario, you can create calcualted column for getting the Hour part from each 5 minutes slicer. The DAX can be like:


Hour = IF(LEFT(Table[Time],2)=left(RIGHT(Table[Time],4),2),left(RIGHT(Table[Time],4),2),LEFT(Table[Time],2))




Then you only need to drag Hour, Banana and Apply column into table visual. It will aggregate on Hour level automatically. Then you can use measure formula as @sdjensen suggested.


Ratio = 
	DIVIDE( CALCULATE( SUM(Table[Banana]) ), CALCULATE( SUM(Table[Apple]) ) )



First, I'd like to thank all the answers. Second, I'd like to appologize, because I'm not making myself understandeable. I'll try again.


I have the following table:

Table Example.png


With this table, I need to generate a chart, that show two stacked (Banana and Apple) columns, the first with the sum of the data from 07/02 and the second with the sum of the data from 07/03.

Something like this:


Grafico Example.png

 Did I made myself understandeable this time?



@MarianaBotelho - did you try my last formula?


If that doesn't work I think I need some more infomation on how you change the 5 minute slicer into 10 minutes or an hours?


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