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Displaying project status.

I have a project where we are trying to display a list of projects with defined steps and statuses. In excel, we are currently using conditional formatting of cells, not really the best way, but it does provide a glance and the status of each line.

The rows have the project name and the Columns have the milestones,( Currently 5 defined.) Each intersecting cell is colored based on the status of "On Track", "Slipping","Off Track", "On Hold", "Done" and "Not Started".


Any ideas on what visuals I can use to best display project status? I keep running into issue where I can't control conditional formatting to display properly. I am also open to a fresh idea of how the effectively show the project status in a new format that would include the project and predefined milestones. I did try the custom "Table Heat Map" and that was close, but just didn't look polished enough.


Thank you in advance for any ideas!


Hi @xppdev,


Have you tried showing the project status on the Matrix visual with conditional formatting for measurement(this is the closest thing I can think on Power BI currently)? See my sample below.Smiley Happy



I assume you have a table called "Table1" like below.




1. Use the formula below to create a measure.

CountOfCurrentStatus = 
VAR currentStatus =
    FIRSTNONBLANK ( Table1[Status], 1 )
    CALCULATE ( COUNTA ( Table1[Status] ), Table1[Status] = currentStatus )

2. Show the measure on the Matrix with Project Name and Status like below.




3. Apply condition formation for the measure like below.





That looks like a great idea, but I need each status to have it's own color.

I can get 3 with the matrix's conditional formatting.

Appologies for not including an image earlier, I was having issues getting one added.


My thought is there is a better way to show the status of the project. Since each of the columns should be dependent on the others, a final status display with the status should work.

I may have to head the custom visual route.




Thank you again for the idea!


Kindly need to check if you were able to accomplish the mentioned image through Power BI. I have a similar requirement and would like to know the same. 

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