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Helper IV
Helper IV

Display warning message and "Accept" button when opening the report

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to display a warning message for data disclosure in one of my reports with no much success. People that access the reports (app) are all authorise to use it. This message is more like a reminder of confidentiality.

I tried using text and buttons in combination with bookmarks. This works almost fine, but what if the user just changes page using the page tabs without pressing the "accept" button? adding the message/button on every page and creating a bookmark on every page isn't either a solution as they would have to "accept" everytime they go on a new page... I want to make sure they "accept" at least once but more than once as this would make the usage of the report really anoying.

I hope I managed to explain what I aim to.

Thanks for your help!

Helper V
Helper V


I don't know if this could work for you, but you could use a dashboard.

You can make peolple that enters an App to go directly to the dashboard. This dashboard could contain all the text that you want or an image, and it could say somenthing like, entering the report you accept... 


And you could hide the page so the users are not going to be able to return no the page with the conditions. 


I don't know if I have being clear in my explanation. 



Hi @luxpbi,

Thanks for your prompt reply! Unfortunately using dashboards is not part of my options. Users are used to the app/report format going through the different pages...

Thanks though, that was a good idea!

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