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Display running total during a selected day, and the day before

Hi all, 

I have a slicer where I can choose dates to calculate the running total for any day that I select and display it on a line graph. 



I need to overlay the graph with the running total of the previous day. How do I rewrite my measure such that when I select the same date above, the graph will display the running total for both 20220114 and 20220113?

Data and Measure used:

I have a Date Dimension Table that looks like the one below:
A day which is identified by the DateID column starts from 8pm the previous day and ends 7:59pm the following day. 


So to calculate the Running Total I use the below measure :


CumulativeNumberOfOrders = 
        FILTER(ALLSELECTED('Dim DateTimeDim'),'Dim DateTimeDim'[DateTimeForPowerBI]<=MAX('Dim DateTimeDim'[DateTimeForPowerBI])





Super User
Super User

@johnray , If you select one date and want data for more than one date you need independent date table 

//Date1 is independent Date table, Date is joined with Table

new measure =
var _max = maxx(allselected(Date1),Date1[Date])
var _min = _max -1
calculate( sum(Table[Value]), filter('Date', 'Date'[Date] >=_min && 'Date'[Date] <=_max && 'Date'[Date] <= max('Date'[Date]) ))



Need of an Independent Date Table:

Hi @amitchandak 
the solution you provided does not seem to give me the graph I needed: 

HI @amitchandak the solution you provided does not seem to give me cumulative graph. 


I need to display the cumulative sum as displayed on the LHS, however the script you provided displays individual orders at specific times.



hi  @amitchandak , did you mean have two dates table ? Date1 and Date, where Date1 is not connected to anything and Date is connected to my fact table?

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