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Display most recent N items by completion duration

Hello everyone,


I have two tables below, one stores the completion data for a taskId and the other keeps track of each individual goal of a taskId.

I'd like to display the most recent N (goal) items for each level, and the time it took to complete each taskId. However, the cumulative total number of items for the 3 bar charts should add up to 14, which is the total goal. As you can see, the cumulative total right now for the 3 bar charts is 16, because there have been 16 completions, but it should only be 12 since taskId 7380 has no completions and a goal of 2.


Basically, I want to find the most recent N items, where N is the goal for each respective taskId, then display them all in three separate charts based on level and time to complete.




Re: Display most recent N items by completion duration

Hi @gcv1999 ,

Could you please provide the calculation logic which get the calculative value 14? I created the below measure to get count of completed tasks, but it seems the value is not correct. Is there other condition need to be fulfilled? The goal is used for comparing the value of taskLevel? What's the correct value for every level?

Measure = CALCULATE(COUNT('Tasks'[taskId]),FILTER('Tasks',NOT(ISBLANK('Tasks'[completion])))) +0

Display most recent N items by completion duration.JPG

Best Regards


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