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Display Spend and Distinct Brand Count in a Tree-map


I have data like below:

Country, Advertiser, Brand, Spend
C1, A1, B1, 10
C1, A1, B2, 5
C1, A2, B3, 0
C1, A2, B4, 20
C2, A1, B1, 8
C2, A1, B5, 7
C2, A2, B6, 4
C2, A2, B3, 3
C2, A2, B7, 2
C2, A3, B8, 9

There, the distinct count of brand by country is as follow:

C1 => 4
C2 => 6

and total spend by country is as follow:

C1 => 35 
C2 => 33

I created a tree map to visualize 'Spend and BrandDistinctCount by Country and by Advertiser as follow:



As you can see, the tooltip shows the 'Spend' and 'DistinctBrandCount' when mouse is hovered over the area. What I'd like is more of a permanent display (for all blocks in the Tree-map) of 'Spend' and "DistinctBrandCount'. Is there a way to customize the look of Tree-map in Power BI desktop and if so, how do I accomplish that?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Community Support
Community Support

Currently, It doesn’t support to display tooltip as a permanent display on all parts of Tree-map in Power BI desktop.
You may submit an idea here to improve Power BI.
Best Regards

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