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Disabling "Include in report refresh" not working

Hi everyone,


I have about 10-12 reports that load the same Calendar, a SSRS report, in their PBI reports. These PBIX are published in the Cloud and are scheduled to refresh themselves overnight as well as during the day. We have found from SSRS logs that the Calendar SSRS is being called a lot of times, which is unexpected as the Calendar query within PBIX has its “Include in report refresh” disabled. Is that not how it works, that is, disabling this option will stop PBI engine from going back to the data source, given there are no appends and merges within this query nor in other queries?


PBI -include-in-report-refresh-disabled.png





" These PBIX are published in the Cloud and are scheduled to refresh themselves overnight as well as during the day."

"Include in report refresh" option only works for Power BI Desktop, it doesn't impact the refresh process in Power BI Service.

In Power BI Desktop, when  you disable "Include in report refresh" option, data will not update in report view of Power BI Desktop after you click "Refresh" button in Desktop.


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Apparently, the July '20 Desktop update should fix this, but I think you need to open the model in that version (or later), save, then re-publish. FYI the July update is 'V3' and included the "enhanced metadata format" that is needed for this setting to be visible and usable by the service.

Actually, there is a better work-around now that DataFlows are up in GA:

Configure each Source in a DataFlow, and each DataFlow can have its own refresh schedule. So DataFlow1 can be static data. Refresh it once and never again. DataFlow can be the transactional data that gets refreshed regularly.

Then create a Power BI model that uses BOTH DataFlows.

@ToddChitt: When the data really IS static, I don't care if the source moves, do I?

However, you are absolutely right with dataflows: I can put my data there once an load it in all my datasets without the need to setup and maintain an extra gateway data source for it. That makes things a lot easier!

I'd say it solves the problem, even when it hurts me to think about that data nevertheless being loaded into the datasets without need during every refresh...

@SokonYes, I think you DO care as Power BI Service WILL try to refresh that data even if you don't need it to. So it always needs to be where the service can find it. 


That's the beauty of Data Flows. You can refresh them once, and NEVER set up a Refresh Schedule, yet you can still reference them (and the cached data) in Power BI Desktop designer. 

If you have read this far in the thread, and you are as frustrated at Microsoft for ignoring this issue, PLEASE go to User Voice at the below link and vote on the item. More votes means a better chance that Microsoft will sit up and take notice.



So I have been monitoring the link above regarding the User Voice item, and also hounding Microsoft to A) acknowledge there is an issue and B) do something about it. 

Last Week I did a quick test and discovered that it may have been fixed. I'm curious to know if ohter people are seeing the same (new and expected/corrected) behavior on the service regarding "Include in Report Refresh"


Nice it it has probably been fixed, but the User Voice item is still listed as "Needs Votes", and I have not seen any mention of it in Blogs, releases, or other official communication from Microsoft. Like they fixed it on the sly but are unwilling to admit that it was an issue to begin with. 

I'm late to the party, but my own experimenting 24/01/2022 indicates that unticking "Include in report refresh" does now stop that query being updated when the pbix is published to the service and its dataset is refeshed.

Hi @SimonAurizon,
Better late then never join 😉

Has your Power Bi Service access to the datasource, where you disabled "Include in report refresh"?

If yes, try the same again with a datasource that it has no access to. Then the refresh will fail. At least that was the bahavior, last time I cheked.

So you can't use the disabled "Include in report refresh" to prevent the refresh from failing, when there are datasources the power bi service has no access to. And that would be the only senario I would like to use it.

Great idea. But many will overlook this possibility.

We ran into the same issue. The solution was to configure data sources on the gateway for sources that users imported once and that never change. Otherwise the gateway won't show up for the dataset because it is missing data sources. (They couldn't use "Enter data" because the amount of data was too big) That makes no sense, does it? Is there a was around this?


Can you elaborate on your technique stop refreshing what is essentially a 'static' table in a Power BI dataset, since there is no way with the Power BI Service to stop the service from refreshing specific tables?



We didn't change the default behaviour. It's more of a workaround. We simply load data from static sources that never change.


However, because it took us so long to provide the needed additional data sources via the gateway, our user took another approach: He loaded his static data in multiple "Enter Data" tables. He reported that you can paste up to 600 rows of data into the "Enter Data" experience so he split his data and union'd the tables again in query editor. Ugly, but it works for him.


Please help to upvote the idea to be able to change the default behaviour here!

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Thanks for confirming my understanding. 

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