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Differnece Between Powerbi Pro and Powerbi Embedded Capacity

What is the difference between the Powerbi pro and powerbi capacity, in terms of users, whats the main difference between users using the report having powerbi license, and users using the reports where the Embedded capacity is involved what are its advantages over the powerbi pro??

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Impactful Individual

There are three levels of Power BI content sharing.



Pro is $10 per user and allows for editing and viewing of content.


If you want to share content without having to pay a full $10 per user if they will just be viewing content.


Power BI embedded is designed for embeding in apps/webpages and depending on your use case can be significantly cheaper than power bi pro for each user.


Above embedded is premium which gives you more features such as report server etc as well as not reuireing pro licencse to view content.


The pricing model for embedded and premium are different to pro. Pro is a per user where as embedded/premium are capacity based so while it make look expensive they can save an organization money.

The default option in the premium calculator displays this. a power bi deployment for 5000 users all with pro will cost $50,000 a month where as a premium enviroment with 20% pro users will cost ~$25,000 a month which is half the cost.

Only those who know your organization can say what tier of pricing you should go for dont just go of a forum post on the internet.


Embedded pricing -

Premium Pricing - goes more in depth and is a good guide

Are you talking about powerbi embedded capacity and powerbi pro??

So Powerbi Pro is Powerbi embedded right????

Or its something else??

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Power BI pro is the bare minimum license needed to share content.


It is also required to view reports UNLESS those reports are in an embedded or premium enviroment.


Pro is the base license and if your organisation has embbeded or premium as well you will still need some users with Pro to create and maintain reports.

Please calrify me what are you referning to powerbi embedded? what exactly it is??

is powerbi service ( is powerbi embedded???

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Impactful Individual

The peor bi service is part of power bi pro it is not power bi embedded.


Please read my first reply and the link I posted at the end

So What exactly is powerbi embedded and what services are involved in it.


I have read the article which you have sent me but I am not able to understand what exactly is powerbi embedded.

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