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Different data between Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service after the upload



I´ve got a problem with my uploaded data. When I actualize the data in Power BI Desktop and look later on the data in Power BI Service, I have a different number of the available hours for e.g. one person.


So I actualized my data manually on 7:26am (A scheduled refresh before is active as well by the way) in Desktop. I saved my file and uploaded the data to Service and everything went fine (Status is completed and the end time was 7:27am). Then I opened Power BI Service later on (11:52am) and what I saw is, that the available hours were different to them which I uploaded a few hours ago. Between these times there weren´t any other scheduled refreshes.


The available hours were calculated, so they are not from a server directly, but I think that should not be a criterion in this case.


Do you know what can I do?



Available hours in Power BI DesktopAvailable hours in Power BI DesktopAvailable hours in Power BI Service after uploadAvailable hours in Power BI Service after uploadFile in folder, saved and uploadedFile in folder, saved and uploadedRefresh history, uploaded 1 minute late and status is completedRefresh history, uploaded 1 minute late and status is completed

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was this issue ever solved? i have identical issues. No changes of filters between desktop & services and still i am missing part of my results after refresh.


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I am having the exact same problem as @nwrong , @ttvd  and possibly @chortels . A short summary:

- When refreshing data in PBI Desktop I get expected results

- When I publish the report to PBI Service with no refresh, the results are also as expected

- When refreshing the data in PBI service (manually/scheduled), a large portion of the data from the DWH table is missing


Some details about my data: I have two data sources in my report that are merged in PowerQuery, a DWH table and a csv file stored on a shared disk location. The DWH table is updated every night and the csv file is static.


The issue is not that the data source is updated as I do these checks during daytime, and there is no issue related to time zones. The worrying fact is that no error message arises, so the issue could potentially go under someone's radar.


At the moment I have disabled scheduled refresh, do manual refresh PBI Desktop daily and republish to PBI Service every morning. Has anyone opened a ticket to Microsoft regarding this behavior?

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Hello @jmborven,


One quick question, the data refresh on the pbi service is using the same credentials you use to refresh the data in pbi desktop?


I once had this issue, and the cause was that the credentials used in pbi service didnt have access to the same information my credentials had.




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I am also experiencing this issue where once a refresh has taken place on Power BI service, the values of a calculated column change to the values on Power BI Desktop even though the data set has not changed. Has anyone managed to find any causes of this issue?

Hi there,

i have the same problem.

After digging a little deeper into the subject matter, it seems to me to be an issue with time zones. My desktop has the timezone UTC+2, the dataset for example 07.07.2020 22:00. On the desktop the date is correctly interpreted as 08.08.2020. On the server as 07.07.2020, because the server runs on UTC.

Now I have to think about how to handle daylight saving time also, because I can't just add +2 hours.


Maybe I helped you, to have a clue, what might be going on. Sincerely



Have you checked that if you apply other filters such as visual level filter, report level filter or page filter on the report in Power BI Service? And what is the result for the avaliable hours if you click refresh in Power BI Desktop?



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Hello @v-yuezhe-msft,


thanks for your answer, but the filter in Power BI Service are the same. So I clicked on refresh in Power BI Desktop and uploaded it to Service. The data is equal after that, compared to the data from Desktop. Then I figured out, that the data differ when there comes the scheduled refresh after the manual refresh from Power BI Desktop. 


That is really strange, because the available hours are calculated and the data gateway to the SQL server is online anyway...





After you upload the PBIX file the first time, do you click "Refresh Now" in Power BI Service?


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Hello @v-yuezhe-msft,


I don´t know if I did that a few months ago. But when I click on "Refresh now" in Power BI Service after the manual refresh and upload from Power BI Desktop, I get the different values...


You don't refresh the data in Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop, there is a possibility that you get different values as you may have different data in the data source at different time.


Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
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ok so you think that the different data comes from the different time I actualize in PowerBI Service and PowerBI Desktop, right?


The data I get from the server will get updated only one time a day in the night. So when I actualize the data  with the scheduled refresh in the early afternoon and a manual refresh in Desktop a few minutes later, I should get the same data I think.


As I mentioned that the available hours were calculated by measures and excel sheets, so they don´t come from the SQL server. That´s what I´m worried about why this is different. 


What I found out is that there are only a few technicians in a few months were the data is different between PowerBI Service and Desktop. 


Furthermore I found out that the scheduled refresh works fine, so the status is completed. Whe I want to update the data in Service with Refresh now, the refresh failed.


Refresh historyRefresh history

I am experiencing the exact same problem.


After I publish my pbix to PBI Service, the data matches what is in PBI Desktop. Shortly after, a scheduled refresh runs and the data displayed in Service is different.


The source data is not changing between the time I publish the pbix and the time when the schedule refresh runs.



Hi @nwrong,


and what are you doing to get the correct data now? Do you make a manual refresh in Dektop once a day?


I don´t know what to do and the refresh every day is really annoying. Is the false data you get from a created measure or the data from an Excel file / SQL server?

i'm unable to get the pbi service to display the correct data. 


I guess i could disable the scheduled refresh and manual refresh and republish from PBI desktop each day....

Maybe one solution is to write a ticket to Microsoft to solve this problem...I don´t know what to do and don´t want to refresh it every day by my own.

@ChristopherKa I'm experiencing the exact the same problem. Did you figure out what was causing the difference? 




Hi @TT,


no I don´t know why we have that problem when we have the sheduled refresh...

It works when you do it manually, but not with the scheduled refresh?




Hi @ChristopherKa,


Thanks for your quick response. 


The refresh in PBI service, both manually and scheduled, gives different results compared to a refresh in PBI desktop. Though, no errors are shown when running the data refresh. Like you, data source is only updated once a night. 


Today I ran a manual refresh in service and there were only small differences, half an hour later I refresh again manually and huge differences appear. I'm clueless... 







I'm having exactly the same problem with Power BI Service. When I refresh my data in Power BI Desktop I see two tiles with correct values, let's suppose 20% and 50%. When I upload this report to Service this data is still the same, but the problem appears when I activate a manual or scheduled updation in Service: then, these two tiles go to zero! In comparison, I refresh my data in Desktop and these two tiles show figures different to zero, which is the correct result.

What's happenning? This is a very annoying issue. Should I open a ticket yo Microsoft?
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It's tough to tell from the pictures. With so much being redacted, can't tell if there are other selections or cross-filtering going on that would impact the numbers. 


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