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Difference from Previous Column/Date

Hello All!

I am looking for a simple calculation in power bi that I can't seem to figure out. I am looking to get the difference from previous date. I'm not quite sure how to get this to work. I have included a picture of what I would like the end result to be in power bi.  I would like to  calculate the difference from the previous date and dynamically show every 2 days (i.e data for the 4/1/20, 4/3/20, 4/5/20 and so on). I did create a date table and created a relationship to my date column in my data table, but still haven't gotten anything to work.


Any help is appreciated!


Thank you in advance!



excel test file.png

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Re: Difference from Previous Column/Date

@Slimage - Please first check if your issue is a common issue listed here:

Also, please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

The most important parts are:
1. Sample data as text, use the table tool in the editing bar
2. Expected output from sample data
3. Explanation in words of how to get from 1. to 2.


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Re: Difference from Previous Column/Date

HI @Slimage ,

If I understand your question correctly, You need different with the value from a day -2.

Here I have replicated the scenario. Let me know if it works for you or not.




Value D = SUM('Table'[Value])
VAlue D-2 = CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[Value]),DATEADD('Table'[Date],-2,DAY))
Diff = IF(ISBLANK([VAlue D-2]), BLANK(),[Value D]-[VAlue D-2])
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Re: Difference from Previous Column/Date

@Slimage , refer if these measures can help


Last Day Non Continous = CALCULATE(sum('order'[Qty]),filter(all('Date'),'Date'[Date] =MAXX(FILTER(all('Date'),'Date'[Date]<max('Date'[Date])),Table['Date'])))
Day behind Sales = CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Sales Amount]),dateadd('Date'[Date],-1,Day))
Diff COlumn = datediff(maxx(filter(Table,Table[Date]<earlier(Table[Date]) && Table[Numberf]= earlier(Table[Numberf])  ),Table[Date]) ,Table[Date],Day)

This Day = CALCULATE(sum('order'[Qty]), FILTER(ALL('Date'),'Date'[Date]=max('Date'[Date])))
Last Day = CALCULATE(sum('order'[Qty]), FILTER(ALL('Date'),'Date'[Date]=max('Date'[Date])-1))


To get the best of the time intelligence function. Make sure you have a date calendar and it has been marked as the date in model view. Also, join it with the date column of your fact/s. Refer :

See if my webinar on Time Intelligence can help:

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