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Days Since today


I new to PBI and am in need of a little help

I currently have a chart that shows all orders raised Yesterday.

This works great, however on a monday I would like yesterday to include Friday- Saturday and Sunday as one day

any help would be great

thank you

affan Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Re: Days Since today

Hi @Anonymous


Can you share some data for better understanding. Please go through this post to get your issue resolved fast.





themistoklis Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Re: Days Since today



Maybe a formula like the following could help.


This is a calculated column which returns the DayNames of the week Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Combined_Date

Combined_Date includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

When today's date is Monday it shows the daynames with the combined date otherwise all 7 daynames of the week.


You should then add tis column to the chart


I hope it makes sense:


Calculated Column =
IF (
    FORMAT ( TODAY (), "DDD" ) = "Mon"
        && FORMAT ( Table[Date], "DDD" ) IN { "Fri", "Sat", "Sun" },
    FORMAT ( Table[Date], "DDD" )
Chiara Resolver II
Resolver II

Re: Days Since today

Hi @Anonymous,


try with this:


OrderRaisedYesterday :=
IF (
    WEEKDAY ( TODAY (), 2 ) = 1,
        CALCULATE ( [Order], Calendar[Date] = TODAY () - 1 )
            + CALCULATE ( [Order], Calendar[Date] = TODAY () - 2 )
            + CALCULATE ( [Order], Calendar[Date] = TODAY () - 3 )
        CALCULATE ( [Order], Calendar[Date] = TODAY () - 1 )




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