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Re: Datesbetween - Line Chart Visualisation



Could I add to this question. Having plotted actual revenue I would like to also plot 2 targets, Target 1 and Traget 2.


For year 1, Target 1 lets say is 100,000 and target 2 is 120,000. 


For year 2, Target 1 lets say is 105,000 and target 2 is 130,000. 


For year 3, Target 1 lets say is 110,000 and target 2 is 140,000. 


I would like these to plot in a ray for each fiscal year, ie year 1 Target 1 rises from zero to 100,000 over the year time line etc


Is there a measure that I could write in Power BI to provide the data to populate.


Alternatively the data for my revenue is coming from an excel spreadsheet - I could easily introduce a new worksheet "Target" which has the three year dates populated and either daily or an accumulating total for Target 1 and Target 2.


Hopefully you can assist here. I have tried to do the excel spreadsheet worksheet but it hasn't worked.


Thanking you