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JamesBray Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Data from sharepoint list dropdown menu showing as [list]

I have a sharepoint list that we use for logging incidients.


It has several fields, including incident name, category, outcome, date, description and created by.


Category and Outcome are both dropdown menus that have about 20 options of each. They are not multiple choice, each list needs to pick one.


I am trying to make a graph that shows Category by Outcome, so that someone can click on a category, for example "Physical Violence" and see how many different outcomes come under this category, for example "Exclusion" or "Detention". This is so we can try to make sure our response to incidents is consistent. 


However both of these fields are pulled into Power BI Desktop as [list] and do not show what has been selected in the list. I can understand this if it was possible to have multiple entries, but that's not possible.


Any idea how I can move forward?


Thanks in advance!


gpiero Member

Re: Data from sharepoint list dropdown menu showing as [list]





could you give a glance here?

I think it could help you.