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Quite new to PBI so still finding my feet. I like the idea of having multiple reports in a workspace that can be emebeded into a dashboard but im not sure what best practises is on creating datasets.

For example, say you have a page with 3 bar charts (Orders by Style, Orders by Month & Orders by Color) connected to the same data set of individual order records. I like the way you can create these off the one data set and then they all adjust when you select items with each. But say I also want to show a line chart showing year on year orders for comparision should i create another dataset that has been already aggrigated and just ready to diaplay or is it more recomended to some how aggrigate the current dataset so that you are only doing one trip to the database. Currently as my knowledge of PBI and DAX is not great i find myself tending to create many datasets to do slightly different things.





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@Amelia - depending on the complexity of the queries you are using and the amount of charts you expect to eventually have within report, it is quite possible that many trips to the database could affect performance. In my humble opinion, I would suggest beginning with one query that contains all of the data you need for each chart. The values you display in each chart are aggregated on the fly anyway so agreggating beforehand in query may not be necessary. If you run into issues with certain fields not being available, for instance month or year to display in a line chart axis you could build the fields in your query with SQL code; that is assuming you are using SQL. Hope this helps! Feel free to respond with further questions. 

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