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Data Lake Gen2 Connector

I've tried connecting into our gen2 data lake with the new Power BI connector and get the error - "access to the resource is forbidden". I'm owner across the subscription, resource group, resource etc, etc. so surprised it sounds like a permissions issue. Colleagues have hit a similar error through different resources/tenants. Is this a known issue or is there a workaround?

New Member
New Member

Unfortunately I can't say I know how I managed to fix it but managed to connect eventually. It could be because I work across multi-tenants and something was cached. I did raise a ticket but support were not much help. The only other thing you can try is adding yourself as a Blob Contributor against the resource but I'm not sure its this.


The only thing I did notice was that it took a very long time when it did connect as it seemed to scan the ENTIRE lake which was quite a surprise. It also doesn't provide you with what you expect to it - essentially a list of files in your lake, not the contents. It does provide the binaries for these but I assume you need to write a function around this to deconstruct, either way feels very much like a beta connector.


I guess I was expecting to be able to connect, select a bunch of files and then import them as tables..

Thanks for the reply and follow up - great to know that it got sorted, somehow. Would you be so kind to show either an (anonamizied) power query code example or just endpoints and urls specified? Something to go by when testing would be great. 

The only thing I can say is you need the dfs end point since blob is not supported with gen2 just yet, I've no code since it was just a get data. Below was the output after the connector went through, as you can see lots of parquet support files.



Advocate II
Advocate II

Chiming in on this. Exactly same issue and can't find a solution anywhere.

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Please let me know if you find out anything I am stuck here as well!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @trisrobinson ,

In your scenario, I would suggest you opening a ticket at 

Support Ticket.gif

Best Regards,


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