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Data Error Between Table and Chart Visualization


 Hi Everyone, 


I don't know why between the chart and table shown differently, and data in the table sum up to 39.00 while there're the same description name. I have no idea how it comes up to 39.00 . this is not what i expected. Anyone have any idea how to figure out this solution. Plux the Potential Exp Date , The data coming from the Date Calculation. 

Please find the yellow highlight above 

Wish to receive your quick solution very soon. 

Thanks with Best Regards, 
Chanleakna Hang 

v-ljerr-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: Data Error Between Table and Chart Visualization

Hi @Chanleakna123,


Could you share a sample pbix file which can reproduce the issue, so that we can help further investigate on it? You can upload it to OneDrive or Dropbox and post the link here. Do mask sensitive data before uploading. Smiley Happy