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Dorlane Frequent Visitor
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Dashbord development

Hi All
I am very very new in this tools.i have following  task i need to do it,but i am really confused on where to start.
I need to develop dashborad  using below attached image of data flow:
- Cross reference of Capability to Competency (COE) to Service to Process.
- Cross reference of Process to DMLC_Stage to Process_Control_Gate to Entity.
- Cross reference of Service to Process to RACI to Role.
- Cross reference of Process  to RCCS to PPSG to Entity.


Thanking you in advance.






Super User
Super User

Re: Dashbord development



your data model looks very cluttered and hard to understand. I suggest you start reading a bit about data modeling first 


this book is a great start:



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Dorlane Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Dashbord development

Hi LivioLanzo


Thank for the book.if i am ask what will cross reference of below be like in Power BI?give me an example then i will take from that.

- Cross reference of Process  to RCCS to PPSG to Entity.