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Dashboard KPIs, slicers, and financial data

Hi all,


I've built the below dashboard, but I'm finding a few seprate issues which I haven't been able to solve through my trial & error and searches so far.


1. The top KPIs:

(a) the 'target' number will only let me show a count of the data I'm, selcting rather than a sum. (I have checked that the source data is a 'number' rather than text)

(b) the slicer (by year) seems to work on these figures, but when a year isn't selected, I thoguht it would the sum of the relevant data, but this isn't the case. I'm not sure why? Or perhaps I've misunderstood how the slicer works.


2. The bar charts:

(a) Is it possible to adjust the size of the plot area specifically to allow more space for the legend? I need to present all legend entries. Or are there any other alternatives people could suggest? 

(b) I don't understand why the year slicer isn't effecting the bar charts also?


3. The bottom charts:

(a) I'm struggling to present financial data in Power BI. I think the main reason is that in Excel you woul dusually format data in matrix style table. However, I'm unsure how to structure flat data so that it can present the usual financial data points. E.g. income versus budget, expenditure verus budget, for different years.


Apologies, I appreciate these cover a variety of areas. If you're able to help on any single items or multiple items I would be very appreciative!


(also I can share the Excel if that helps - but I'll need an email address I think, otherwise unsure how to share)

Best wishes, Greg

Community Support
Community Support

Re: Dashboard KPIs, slicers, and financial data



1.1 If it is not caused by column formatted as a text (not number), An alternate solution would be to define a measure that does the summarization for you and use that in your KPI (could be something as simple as Measure = SUM(Table1[Target]).

1.2 To ensure year slicer to work, you need to create measures to reflect the changes by selecting in the slicer. What do you want to show with the slicer?



2.1 you may change the legend position to left to see more legends.

2.1 To let your bar charts change with the slicer, the tables which contain the fields in visuals should have relationships with the date column added to slicer.


If neither of those work, maybe share a excel file or pbix, you can share your files over a OneDrive link, upload your file to OneDrive, then right-click on the file to copy its link, in community insert this link.

additionally, you'd better post one question in one post so that more people will see and help you.




Best regards


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Re: Dashboard KPIs, slicers, and financial data



Thank you for the reply Maggie. And noted on the one question per post recommendation!


I've done some reconfiguring of my Excel since I posted. This is my latest version of my Excel.


I think my main issue is getting the correct relationships between my three tables (each in seprate sheets above). I would like to apply a slicer by 'year' and 'scheme name', but when this is done currently it only shows a 'cut of data' according to the specific data table I pull 'year' / 'scheme name' from, e.g. KPIs_Data, and therefore any charts using 'AreaofNeed_Data'.


How do I best go about creating realtionships between these so a selection of a year or scheme anem affects all graphs (irrelevant of which table they refer to)?



Thank you.

Community Support
Community Support

Re: Dashboard KPIs, slicers, and financial data


When i click on links, it doesn'r work for me.


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