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DOLLARFR Function not converting to whole numbers

I am pretty much a Power BI newbie, exploring and figuring things out as I go along. I have a measure which uses the DOLLARFR function to represent data as a fractional notation - in this case thirds. This works amazingly in general but on occasion it fails to convert 3 thirds into a whole number i.e. data shows up as 5.3 (5 and 3 thirds) instead of 6?


I have a column [OutCount] populated with count data and divided by 3 so that a decimal value is available and each "count" is 0.3333...


I then have the following measure to sum that decimal data and convert into fractional notations:

Fraction = DOLLARFR(sum('Table'[OutCount]),3)
This gives the following outputs - representing the decimals as fractions (in this case thirds):
6.667 = 6.2
1.667 = 1.2
5.333 = 5.1
0.333 = 0.1
In most cases this presents the correct data in my dashboard. But in certain instances it does not. For example:
6.000 is presented as 5.3. Which is technically correct (5 and 3 thirds), but should be presented as 6.0.
Does anyone know why this is happening or what I may need to do differently?
Thanks in advance





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