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jerish Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

DAX summarizecolumns throwing an error about context

I am tring to get a daily count for parts like in here

Parts Day Count:=
) )


This works fine in the VS Tabular designer(may be as there is no slicer applied). But once deployed into SSAS and used in Excel or PowerBI desktop it thows as error with any slicer. With no slicer it shows a value


The error is the following

MdxScript(factTAB) (40, 12) Calculation error in measure 'Session'[Parts Days Count]: SummarizeColumns() and AddMissingItems() may not be used in this context.


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: DAX summarizecolumns throwing an error about context

Hi @jerish 

Do you connect to SSAS Tabular model with Power BI Desktop, then create a measure or calcuated column with your formula?

Are the column added in the slicer in the table "Session" or "PartsInfo" or another table?

what is relationship between "Session" and "PartsInfo"?

could you show an exmaple?


Best Regards


jerish Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: DAX summarizecolumns throwing an error about context

I have SQL server back-end to which I connect VS Datatools to build the tabular model and then deployed to a SSAS Tabular . I am using PBI desktop to build the report. So in Datatools the measure validated correctly and the aggregation is displayed. Even in PBI desktop it shows the value when there is no filter added. But when I add any filter or even another attribure it throws the error.


I simplified the model by mentioning about parts table . Since you are attempting to help I will give the full picture. So the fact table(Session) have daily measures of Machines (EPSInfo) and they are related by column EPSInfoKey.  So, what I am trying to get is a daily number of machines(identified by serialnumber) that have session records.


I am using the calculation for the measure  as 

) )