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DAX help-Filter selection



I have a report where I have created a measure that is a sum of projected budget and actuals. Projected budget is in budget table and actuals is in the Actuals table linked to calendar.


The users select Business Plan ( Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). Then they need to make selection on calendar slicers to activate the YTD Measure but I want to hardcode it.


So if the user selects Business Plan Q3, the actual tables filters for data till Q2 and say a user selects Business Plan Q2 in August, the actuals table includes actuals only till Q1.


So though business plan is not in actuals table, we still are able to alter the data included in the measure.

I dont know that I can try...I think isselected maybe but not sure.









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Re: DAX help-Filter selection



Share some data and show the expected result.

Re: DAX help-Filter selection

@ Ashish 

Thanks for the response and apologies for not reverting earlier. I created this measure which meets my requirements



Projection Annual = SWITCH(TRUE(),SELECTEDVALUE('Business Plan'[Business Plan])="2018-Q1",[Projection Annual Q1],SELECTEDVALUE('Business Plan'[Business Plan])="2018-Q2",[Projection Annual Q2], SELECTEDVALUE('Business Plan'[Business Plan])="2018-Q3",[Projection Annual Q3] )


Based on the filter selection, different measures come into play


This could have also been done with disconnected table but it was good to not add an additonal table