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DAX function for converting a number into a string?

I have a string (url) and a number (pagination), I need to concatenate them into a resulting URL. 


I have search and looked at the VALUE and FORMAT dax functions but can't make it work in converting a number into a string. e.g.


"" & [page] 

returns an error  "We cannot apply operator & to text and number. 


Any clues how I can convert [page] to a string?


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Thanks, ended up using Text.From( [Counter] )

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Yes, this is easy to pull off in Power Query.  If you need to do this in the model (for instance, off of a calculated table), the correct DAX would be to use FIXED(<number>,3,1) to convert the number into string at 3 decimals and then RIGHT(<>,3) to retun the right 3 decimals. 




You can also do the concatenation by “Merge Columns” in Query Editor. Select these two columns and click “Merge Columns”.

DAX function for converting a number into a string_1.jpg


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= "Text" & Number.ToText(Number)

Wow, That's pretty easy. 


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try using 

"" & Format([page] ,"####")


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This should be the solution, because the request was to use DAX, not Power Query M.

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Thanks, ended up using Text.From( [Counter] )

Format() is the correct answer. What you've used is not DAX

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HOw to you use this FORMAT() function in example?

lets say if you have two columns where you are appling into  a meaure 


newmeasure = viewname[columnnameingar] and  viewname[newcolumnstring] , "a stringvalue"

Not sure I'm fully understanding you @Anonymous


General info page on FORMAT:


Couple examples from:

FORMAT( 12345.67, "General Number")

FORMAT( 12345.67, "Currency")


FORMAT( 12345.67, "Percent")


Combining column values in a measure usually won't work due to context. Unless you first aggregate the columns in some way. Measures yield a single value given a context, so if your context includes multiple rows, then any measure that combines column values without aggregation will error out. 


Hope that helps. 


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