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InterSimi Regular Visitor
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Re: DAX assistance: reporting for current month in DAX

I think I have it now.......So, I removed the IF statement and logic


new Sum Values Measure = 
VAR ReportRunTime = 
        HASONEVALUE('Global Report Date'[Metrics Date]),
        VALUES('Global Report Date'[Metrics Date])
        CALCULATE (
            SUM ( 'Global Report'[Rpt MRC USD] ),
            'Global Report'[Metric] = "Backlog",
            MONTH ( ReportRunTime ) = MONTH ( 'Global Report'[Forecast Date] ),
			YEAR( ReportRunTime ) = YEAR( 'Global Report'[Forecast Date] ),
            ALLSELECTED ( 'Global Report'),
            VALUES ( 'Global Report'[Metric] )

and get the following returned, which is what I expected to see....Please let me know if I have done something fundementally silly, as this is a massive learning curve for me here Smiley Happy


dax 4.jpg