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MohanV Established Member
Established Member

Re: DAX: Pivot table with multiple values.

@AlB I got the solution buddy,

To get the ranks i tried the below dax,




And then i pivoted the table using below dax,




The only issue with this workaround is, each time i have manually add the column for the n no of emp id's


And i tried your dax, sorry, it didnt worked, the Ranks2 column is what the output in above image 



Mohan V

Super User
Super User

Re: DAX: Pivot table with multiple values.


I guess I have to defend my reputation here Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

My DAX works. I tested it. I think it doesn't work on your test because you have the column you added, Ranks, in the table and that affects the context transition that my code relies on. If you remove your Ranks columns it should work.

In any case, can you please post the final DAX code for the pivoting  in text rather than on an image? I'd like to look a bit further into it





MohanV Established Member
Established Member

Re: DAX: Pivot table with multiple values.

Hi @AlB

Here is the dax,


Newtable = 
    SUMMARIZE('Table1','Table1'[Emp ID],
        "Ops Controller1",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Ops Controller" && Table1[Ranks]=1)),
        "Ops Controller2",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Ops Controller" && Table1[Ranks]=2)),
        "Biz HR Manager1",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Biz HR Manager" && Table1[Ranks]=1)),
        "Biz HR Manager2",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Biz HR Manager" && Table1[Ranks]=2)),
        "Budget Approver",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),'Table1'[Role]="Budget Approver"),
         "Unit head",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),'Table1'[Role]="Unit head"),
         "Biz HR1",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],1),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Biz HR" && Table1[Ranks]=1)),
         "Biz HR2",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],2),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Biz HR" && Table1[Ranks]=2)),
         "Biz HR3",CALCULATE(FIRSTNONBLANK('Table1'[Manager],2),FILTER(Table1,'Table1'[Role]="Biz HR" && Table1[Ranks]=3))