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Fizicks1 Regular Visitor
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Re: DAX Formula: Inventory QOH in reverse

Thanks for the reply!  I like the addition of an index and that may be the key.  There are too many items and transactions to consider inserting a row manually. 

What if we reverse the sort order so index:1 is the most recent date with the known QOH.  Would this eliminate the need for a new row?  I still don't know how that would look....


IndexItemDate/TimeQty ChangeQOH 
1Apples11/13/2018 17:001010 
2Apples11/13/2018 16:00-5?10-10=0
3Apples11/13/2018 15:00-2?0-(5)=5
4Apples11/13/2018 14:00-3?5-(2)=7
5Apples11/13/2018 13:00-2?7-(3)=10



QOH = IF index = 1, then use QOH from Item Table,

Calculate( QOH - Qty Change, Index-1)


??  Does that make sense?

Nick_M New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: DAX Formula: Inventory QOH in reverse

Sorry, not entirely clear.  Nothing is being inserted manually, just two calculated columns set up once and then that's all.