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I have a table with the name of 10 clients, where I want to demonstrate multiple sales reports.


In this project I need to limit the display of data to only the client who will see their own report, ie the client can not see the details of the other data. So far so good.


After applying a role management using the client name filter, I need to generate a scatter chart that shows the comparison of some data from that client with the other clients, but without the current client knowing who the other clients are.


Is it possible to do this within Power BI or through some DAX formula? If so, how do I do this?

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Hi @vmsouza30


Can you post some sample data and the output expected in OneDrive / DropBox and post the link.






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Hi @vmsouza30


Yes Power BI can do this,  The feature you are looking for is Row Level Security (or RLS)


Here is a good blog to get you started, otherwise just search for Power BI and RLS


The other decision you need to make is around letting your clients log into your tenant, or if you provide the data via Power BI embedded.


Is that helpful?



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Hi Phil,


I have already applied the RLS to restrict access to data only for a specific client (MOBILE).


After that, that's my problem starts, I need to have a dashboard (I need applied Graphic Scatter) where I can show comparative data with other clients.


Example: The customer who buys 100 items from a product at that time, I want to compare and show the customer, for this segment, whether I have more purchases or fewer products.


As a general rule, I have to hide the names of the other Dashboard clients.


It´s clear?