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DATESBETWEEN is Running Past Current Date

I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple. I'm struggling to figure out how to do what I want.


I am trying to calculate Machine Downtime within a 90 Day rolling window. In other words, I want to calculate the total Machine Downtime in the last 90 days, every day. I think I have the rolling part working, but it is giving data for dates beyond today, which probably has something to do with our date calendar, spanning many years before today and beyond today.  I was trying to use NOW() or TODAY() for the start date, but I must be trying to use those functions improperly.  Here's what I have:


Test 90-Days Rolling Downtime =
CALCULATE([Total Downtime (Secs)],
   DATESBETWEEN('Daily Calendar'[Date],
       NEXTDAY(DATEADD(LASTDATE('Daily Calendar'[Date]),-90, DAY)),
           LASTDATE('Daily Calendar'[Date])))


Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: DATESBETWEEN is Running Past Current Date



maybe it would be helpful to use

LASTNONBLANK('Daily Calendar'[Date], SUM('FactTable'[column]))

this would return the last date from your facttable


Hope this may help

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