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DATEDIFF with a filter



I need to calculate several TATs for my report, but only having number of business days in those TATs.


For example, I have a CASE OPEN date and a CASE CLOSE date, I need to calculate the CASE TAT being a Datediff between them, but  returning only business days.

I already have a Date table with all dates marked as "weekday" and "weekend", holidays included.


Is there a way to somehow apply a filter to Datediff, or use any other function(s) to have the desired result?

I don't need a total of working days, I need number of days between certain dates to track the service event (opened to part order, part delivery to repair, repair to closure - all in nuber of working days between those dates).


please help, thanks!

Super User II
Super User II

Hi @Ilona , try this measure:

Business Days from Part Delivery to Repair Date = 
VAR vStartDate =
    MAX ( ServiceEvent[Part Delivery Date] )
VAR vEndDate =
    MAX ( ServiceEvent[Repair Date] )
VAR vBusinessDays =
    FILTER (
        'Date'[Date] >= vStartDate
            && 'Date'[Date] <= vEndDate
            && 'Date'[Is Business Day] = "Y"
VAR vResult =
    COUNTROWS ( vBusinessDays )


This solution requires the column 'Date'[Is Business Day].

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