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Helper II
Helper II

Customize highlighting for selected row in table visual

On the Table visual, when a row is selected by clicking on it, all other rows in the table become faded.


See below:

selected row.png


Question: is it possible to customize how the selected and unselected rows are formatted?


For example, I would like to have row A above be highlighted in a light blue background when selected, and for rows B and C to remain with default formatting - that is, not faded.


I am not asking about field formatting. I am aware that I can specifically highlight a row using field and/or conditional formatting, but that does not allow me to change the formatting based on what is selected on that same table, as I have described above.


I have floated the idea of having a separate slicer to control selection, but my users prefer the current method.


My use case is as follows: a have a report in which products are analysed one by one. All of the products appear in a Table visual, sorted by some value related to that product. All other visuals on the page are cross-filered by this table visual. So the user experience with using this report is to click on a product in the product table visual (which cross-filters the rest of the page), do their analysis and make decisions, then click on the next product and repeat. A slicer is not suitable for this because a slicer would only show one dimension, and no value columns.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @iron_dinges  ,

As far as I know this cannot be done.My idea is still implemented through the slicer.



I provide my pbix file and wish it is helpful for you!


Best Regards


Hi Lucien,


Thank you for the effort, I appreciate it.


However, as I stated in the opening post, I am aware that it can be done using conditional formatting. But due to user requirements, the use of a slicer is not feasible in this instance.


It is important that the visual that does the filtering or slicing also show relevant information that can be sorted, which a slicer does not allow us to do.

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