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Cactus26 Regular Visitor
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Custom month calendar



I need to figure out how to create calendar which will take below assumptions.

Each Week Number is counting as start from Monday until Sunday but the last week of that month counts to that month if has Tuesday in it i.e 31/12/2017 will be counting to January 2018 as the last week of that month does not include Tuesday. Could you please help with writing some condition which can be applied to columns?


Thank you!

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Custom month calendar

Hi @Cactus26,


I cannot imaging how this custom calendar looks like. Would you please illustrate the requirement with your desired output? 


In above example, which date is the start day of the first week in 2017/12? And what do you mean "that month does not include Tuesday"?


Best regards,
Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team _ Yuliana Gu
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Cactus26 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Custom month calendar



Please see the custom calendar. Even though there is calendar month change the calendar last/first week belongs to current month or following month dependent on Tuesday in that week.

DateMonthNameMonth And Week
02.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
03.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
04.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
05.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
06.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
07.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 1
08.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
09.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
10.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
11.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
12.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
13.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
14.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
15.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 2
16.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
17.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
18.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
19.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
20.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
21.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
22.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 3
23.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
24.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
25.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
26.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
27.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
28.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
29.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 4
30.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 5
31.10.2017OctoberOctober Week 5
01.11.2017NovemberOctober Week 5
02.11.2017NovemberOctober Week 5
03.11.2017NovemberOctober Week 5
04.11.2017NovemberOctober Week 5
05.11.2017NovemberOctober Week 5
06.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
07.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
08.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
09.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
10.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
11.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
12.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 1
13.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
14.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
15.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
16.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
17.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
18.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
19.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 2
20.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
21.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
22.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
23.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
24.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
25.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
26.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 3
27.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 4
28.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 4
29.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 4
30.11.2017NovemberNovember Week 4
01.12.2017DecemberNovember Week 4
02.12.2017DecemberNovember Week 4
03.12.2017DecemberNovember Week 4