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StevenLee Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Custom Visual - old versions



I have been using Timeline custom visual, but I had to reinstall Power BI so I also downloaded the Timeline again and have noticed that it has been upgraded.


Although it has improved, I actually prefer the drop down box (the current selector interferes with the actual time bar) so I wish to go back to the old one, but nowhere on the download page is it available.


Is there an archive of custom visuals?



Christofer Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Custom Visual - old versions

Good point! An update to a custom visual should be conducted through versioning. A archived list would be perfekt for older versions. 


I would also like to see a notification when a custom visual update is avalibe, with updatespecifikations.

Power BI Team meysun
Power BI Team

Re: Custom Visual - old versions

Please add your suggestions and wishlist to