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Advocate II
Advocate II

Custom Visual Timeline Slicer Does not appear to work when using SSAS Multi Dimensional as source


The Custom Visual Timeline Slicer Does not appear to work when using SSAS Multi Dimensional as source.

I am refering to the visualisation expressed in the following blog entry...


I downloaded the visualisation and the sample Power BI pbix file showed this visualisation working beautifully. This Power BI file is using the In Memory Model.


However I am doing some work for a key customer at the moment and their architecture is to point a Power BI connection to an SSAS Multidimensional 2014 SP 2 cube.


When I got an error I tried the same with the AdventureWorks 2014 Multi dimensional model cube and the same error was returned. I also tried performing a SQL Server Profiler trace and I did not find anything meaningful within this trace log.


So as soon as I select any value within this custom visual timeline slicer the display of any visual within the same reporting pane changes to "Can't display the visual"



Please find attached screen shots.CustomVisualTimeLineSlicer.pngCustomVisualTimeLineSlicer2.png



Note the non custom visual date slicer appears to work perfectly.NonCustomVisualTimeSlicer.png

Kind Regards,



Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

I highly recommended to u don't go with Custom visual .


why am saying this i faced lot of prob when new power come, most of the custom visuals are not supported in existing dashboard.


Hi Microsoft / Baskar,

I share your concern Baskar to a degree, although lets not throw the baby out with the bath water!

So in response to your recommendation Baskar, I have created a dashboard based on AdventureWorks. I noticed that the custom visuals Smart Filter, Hiearchy Slicer and  Timeline slicer all work perfectly within Power BI Desktop within an In Memory model. 
I need to test how they work within one custom visual for each report when deployed to whilst connected to an SSAS Multi Dimensional Cube.


Getting back to my initial point I also think we need to consider who has created the custom visual when choosing to use the custom visual. If Microsoft has created the custom visual themselves then there is a higher probability that this custom visual will work with the next Power BI dashboard version.


I also think it's important to have contingency planning, e.g. have a alternate pbix file with the standard text drop down in place of the pbix file of the custom visual in the event the custom visual smart filter does not work.


It's just that custom visuals are a signficant feature in what attracts people to use Power BI in the first place.


Microsoft, please give the Power BI community ..

1) Clear guidance when and when not to use custom visuals.

2) As custom visual developers how can we ensure that out custom visuals work within the next release of Power BI dashboard.


Please find attached screen shot.



Hi @Kieran,


I can reproduce your issue, it seem like custom visual not work on SSAS Multidimensional datasource. I will report this issue and give your the feedback once the issue has been fixed.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
If this post helps, please consider accept as solution to help other members find it more quickly.

Many thanks Xiaoxin.

Hi Kieran,


I am aware that my custom visual is somehow not working with a multidimentional cube as backend. I had a report before and due to a) time and b) at that moment no correct SSAS available I didn't look into this issue and correct it.


At this moment I am rewriting my visuals to support the versioned APIs and I will look into the issue.


Thanks, Jan Pieter

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Again and Again am saying this try to avoid custom visual.


Last week i spoked with Power BI Development engineer regards dashboard performance issue , they also recomemnded the same . pls avoid it.

I have just completed a very breif test in the following scenario ...

Power BI Customer Visuals Testing with SQL Server 2014 SP 2 AdventureWorks Multi Dimensional Data Source.



Power BI Desktop

Power BI Service

Smart Filter by SQLBI





 X X


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi all,


I would like to add my perspective that I agree with @Baskar we should consider when using custom visual, cause there are sometime custom visual coming with minor issues. I used to got crashing whole of dashboard cause custom visual(card with state control) was missing libs in server after its version updating or found that in first/second version of Hierarchy Control had duplicated in hierarchy when collapse&expand, but they are fine now with new version.

However custom visuals are fancy and innovative, I and my customers love that.Heart

The new versioned API is going to solve a lot of the described problems, like missing libs or breaking visuals due to changes in powerbi as a version of the new API will not change in the future.

Now we have to wait till all visuals will be migrated...

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