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Hombleu Visitor

Cumulative count of rows

Hi guys,


Maybe someone could help me with this issue..

I've made a connection with MYSQL db in Power BI. The db rows are based on daily base. So I've already created a countrows measure to count the rows per day. But now I'm looking for a cumulative measure of the rows per day.


So the rows per day can be counted in a cumulative way.

jPinhao Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Cumulative count of rows

You have to calculate the sum of the value while filtering by all dates before the current MAX - current as in the current context, which will be the the day in a bar chart with a date on the axis for instance:


Cummulative = CALCULATE (
                     FILTER ( ALL([Date]), [Date] <= MAX([Date]) )
v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: Cumulative count of rows



Please follow the solution provided by jPinhao, you should only need to do small change to formula if you want to get the cumulative rows – replace [number] with your countrows measure.


cumulative = 
    FILTER ( ALLSELECTED ( Table1 ), Table1[Date] <= MAX ( Table1[Date] ) )

Cumulative count of rows_1.jpg


Best Regards,