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peterd Frequent Visitor
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Cumulative Count by Date


For simplification purposes, I have a table with 2 columns.

Ref (Text) and Date Built (DD/MM/YYYY). 

Ref is an order reference, non unique. I don't care what value Ref has just how many orders (rows) in a particular Month.

I ultimately want to be able to draw a line graph showing cumulative total number of Refs by Month.

I'm very new to  Power BI and reporting so appologies in advance. Any help greatly appreciated.



Super User
Super User

Re: Cumulative Count by Date

@peterd add new measure as below


cumulative total = 
caculate( countrows( table ), filter( all( table ), table[date] <= max( table[date] ) ) )

In expression, change table and column name as per your data model.

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peterd Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Cumulative Count by Date

Cheers @parry2k  I'll try this after Easter (or before if I'm being sad :-)  )