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Creating column chart with Calendar overlay

Hi PowerBI developers,


I am working on a project where I show site visit performance on column chart segmented by groups.

On this barchart sometimes due to data error certain months are filtered out, but shown as blank (eg. June, July).


As we would like to see the impact of certain promotions and new product lunches on the site visit above the barchart I'm showing promotions/portfolio changes using now GANTT chart. 

My issue is that the months are not aligned with the barchart and the custom visual (Gantt chart xviz) doesn't let me to adjust it. Another issue is when the date slicer is used it won't be aligned even if I could somehow perfectly adjust it for some date.


See sample screenshot below:



What would you recommend for this problem? A different visual should be used?

I really appreciate sharing your suggestions.


Thank you

Super User
Super User

Thank you @amitchandak 


I'm afraid this visual is not a solution to my problem. On the column chart the #of visits are monthly averages coming from table (each month has 1 value for every group market with different colors) while the Portfolio with new product could be a different date when new product was launched.


For promotions there is a promotion start date and promotion end date and these are shown as bars --> easier to see the duration of the promotion.


For the promotion and Portfolio there's a subcategory and within the subcategory then the name of the promotion/portfolio. 

Structure of the tables are rather simple:

For cluster barchart:

2022.02       1 450,000
2022.02       2 320,000
2022.02       1               2500,000
2022.02       2               1270,000

- Date (format: yyyy-mm)

- Group (INT, ex: 1,2,3,...,7)

- Group_prevMonth (INT, ex: 1,2,3,...,7)

- visitors (INT, ex: 518,000)


For Promotions GANTT chart:

Type     Subtype     StartDate       EndDate                    Name
Portfolio      Brand1     2022.02.15        null     New product release 1
Promotion      Facebook     2022.02.01    2022.03.15                FB paid ad


- Type: (text: promotion, portfolio)

- Subtype: (text: Brand1, Brand2, Facbook, Youtube, ...)

- Start Date: (Date: yyyy-mm-dd)

- End Date: (Date: NULL for portfolio, for promotion yyyy-mm-dd)

- Name: (text: new product1, promotion1,...)



Hope this helps

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