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Advocate I

Creating a new measure based on an earlier one

I'm still struggling with applying confidentiality to our data.


At the moment I have changed all values in a matrix table to '< 5' if the data is between 1 to 4 (I want to keep true zeroes). I want to be able to change the next lowest number in a row or a column to 'np' (i.e. not provided). This will add a secondary layer of confidentiality to the data. I've tried using countrows and ranking, but I'm not getting the results I require. Here is the first formula I use to get the '< 5' value:


Patient Counts =
IF (
CALCULATE ( SUM ( Patient[counter] ) ) < 5 && SUM ( Patient[counter] ) > 0,
"< 5",
CALCULATE ( SUM ( Patient[counter] ) )


I have posted a similar question to this. But rather than just remove the totals and sub-totals I really want to go down the secondary suppression route. Thanks for your time.

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Agree with @MFelix, need sample data and expected results. Please see this post regarding How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly:

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Hi @Axit,


Without any further data is difficult to answer you but believe that what you need is something similar to what I have made in the post below.


Don't Know how you want to present your data but the import part is the FILTER part of the summarize table.





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Hi @MFelix and @Greg_Deckler. I should have provided more data as an example earlier. So these are the types of results I'm trying to reproduce:


Confidential table.PNG


In this table all the values less than 5 (i.e. between 1 and 4) are shown as "< 5". The secondary suppression is applied to typcially the next lowest value as "np", so that the less than 5 number cannot be calculated.


So far I can get the "< 5" working fine, but I really need to be able to do the "np" too so that I can keep both the row and column totals.


Thanks again for looking at this.

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