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Anjali66 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Creating a Pie chart and bar graph by passing a query to Captiva desktop

Hi All,

I am very new to power BI. I have the follwoing data in my table

StartDate     endDate         FirtsName LastName      Section          ProjectName TotalHours
12-06-2018    12-19-2018       M1          ML1         Developer       Project1      14
11-22-2018    12-5-2018          M2          ML2         QA            QAProject     20
12-06-2018    12-19-2018        M1          ML1        Developer       Project3      10

I want to show a bar chart and pie chart in my power bi desktop that shows the hours spend by each developer on each project. Also, is it possible for the user to filter the chart based on startDate, endDate and/or project Name

I am connectimng to the sql server and passing the below query to power BI desktop to get the above data:


select pp.StartDate, pp.EndDate
,rs.FirstName, rs.LastName, rs.Section
,tsd.Hours1+ tsd.Hours2 + tsd.Hours3 + tsd.Hours4 + tsd.Hours5 + tsd.Hours6 + tsd.Hours7 + tsd.Hours8+ tsd.Hours9 + tsd.Hours10 + tsd.Hours11 + tsd.Hours12 + tsd.Hours13 + tsd.Hours14 as TotalHours
from [dbo].[TimeSheet] ts
Inner join [dbo].[TimeSheetHours] tsd on ts.Id= tsd.TimeSheetId
inner join [dbo].[PayPeriod] pp ON ts.PayPeriodId = pp.Id
inner join [dbo].[Resource] rs ON ts.ResourceId = rs.Id
inner join [dbo].[ProjectDetail] pd ON tsd.ProjectId = pd.Id
order by pp.StartDate desc  

any help or any tutorial related to the topic will be highly appreciated.

itsmebvamsi Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Creating a Pie chart and bar graph by passing a query to Captiva desktop

@Anjali66 Please see the attached PBIX.  You modify it according to your requirement.