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Creating Visuals that filter through list data types



I am trying to figure out the best way to work with list data structures in PowerBI. Presumably, there are multiple ways to do this, but I will first outline the what I am trying to accomplish, then the problem, since I haven't been able to resolve this issue.


I am trying to build a project overview dashboard in PowerBI. Each project has some data attached to is: Name, Description, Tags, Team (who is working on the project), Priority #, etc.


That last data point is where I am having issues. A project belongs to a given organizational priority (let's say there are five priorities). For example, imagine Project #1 belongs to priority # 2 & priority # 4. PowerBI has stored that as a list (see sample data image below).


Here is where the issue arises. How does one filter a list data structure? My goal is to create a pie chart visual that can filter all project by priority # (see image below). But as of now, I can figure out how to create a filter, measure, or calculated column that may be able to do this.


Might any of you have any guidance on this?


Sample Data.PNGSample Visual.PNG

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Recommended reading:


A hard lesson on Filter Context with Power BI and DAX | by Salvatore Cagliari | Towards Data Science

Row Context and Filter Context in DAX - SQLBI


In short - Filter context is a list of values - exactly what you need.

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