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Create Matrix using columns from multiple tables



Not sure if this is possible but I am trying to create a matrix using columns from multiple tables. This a two part questions:


1. Is it possible to add multiple rows to a matrix table from different tables? Below you will see that the table names are in bold and the variables in each table are not.  Currently, I have a matrix created using the BUCKETS table rows with drill downs for each variable (install, repair, etc). I want to add rows from a new table  OVERHEAD to the matrix with variables (mains, services). There is no correlation to either tables, but for visualization purposes (exporting), I want all my rows from different tables to be in one matrix.


This is what I would like to see:



2. Is there anyway to calculate the Complete column filtering on multiple tables since I am now looking to add the OVERHEAD row totals?



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Re: Create Matrix using columns from multiple tables

@sccoleman1189 without having relationship it will not make sense to have values coming from two non-related table. 

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