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Count a Measure or Countif

Good day


Please assist


I've created a measure to count how many times a person id comes forth in the data.


# times = CALCULATE(COUNT('TransactionDetails'[SYSTEM_NUM]),'TransactionDetails'[EARN_DEDUCT_IND]=1)


What I would like to do is now is count how many people transacted once, how many people transacted twice and so on. Also make a interval for example transacted 15-25 times. In Excel it would be something like this countif(A2:A500,1)


I've tried the if statement in Power BI  if(# times = 1, count([# times])) but you can't count that measure.


Any ideas or better way to approach this will be appreciated 


Thank you


Hi @Corleen


This worked for me (I think)


# Times = CALCULATE(
					'Table1'[SYSTEM_NUM] = MAX('Table1'[SYSTEM_NUM])

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Thank you for your reply.

But it is a measure not a calculated column 


For eg.


Trans Once = count([# times] = 1) I want the answer for this, how to do this?

Trans Twice = count([# times] = 2) ect.


[# times] = CALCULATE(COUNT('TransDetail'[SYSTEM_NUM]),'TransDetail'[EARN_DEDUCT_IND]=1)  (this is a measure)



Can you try the same formula for the measure and check what it results?

# times =





                                                                                   'TransDetail'[EARN_DEDUCT_IND]=1) 'the underline part gives an error'



! A single value for column EARN_DEDUCT_IND  in TransDetail cannot be determined. THis can happen when a measure formula to a column that contains many values without specifying an aggregation such as min, max, count or sum to get to a single result.


Is this what you meant? 



Please try the DAX below.
# times =




Charlie Liao



I am facing the same problem with getting count of measure. Can you please provide a relevent solution.




I am facing the same issue with getting count of measure output. Can you please help in providing the specific solution!



remove =1

I have removed the 1 and it gives me a result.

But not the result what I want.


Would please explain the Measure to me


Thank you

This measure simply count the number of rows in SYSTEM_NUM that matches each row in EARN_DEDUCT_IND no matter what is the value in EARN_DEDUCT_IND

Helper I
Helper I

Hi Corleen,


Usually you can use below in counting reference to a column


    COUNTROWS ( 'TableName' ),



Thank you for your reply.

But it is a measure not a calculated column 


For eg.


Trans Once = count([# times] = 1) I want the answer for this, how to do this?

Trans Twice = count([# times] = 2)


[# times] = CALCULATE(COUNT('TransDetail'[SYSTEM_NUM]),'TransDetail'[EARN_DEDUCT_IND]=1)



I think if you gave this a try you will have all you need in one column


#times = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('TransDetail'),ALLEXCEPT('TransDetail','TransDetail'[SYSTEM_NUM],'TableName'[EARN_DEDUCT_IND],))


It will count all trnx that have EARN_DEDUCT_IND = 1, 2, 3, ...etc and place it in one column

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