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Re: Convert minutes into days and timeformat

Hi Jorg @JWE,


Sorry, I do not understand the below mentioned DAX. Can you please send me in plain English (US English)?


WE Dauer gesamt =
var Tag=  INT(   Lagerbeleg[Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min] / 900)
var Stunde=  INT(MOD(  Lagerbeleg[Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min] ; 900) / 60)
var Minuten= INT(MOD(MOD( Lagerbeleg[Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min] ; 900); 60))
var Sekunde= INT((   Lagerbeleg[Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min]
    - INT(   Lagerbeleg[Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min] )) * 60)
IF(Tag = 0; "";
  IF (Tag > 1; Tag & " Tage "; Tag & " Tag "))
& FORMAT(Stunde; "#00")
& ":"
& FORMAT(Minuten; "#00")


inside this I used:

Hilfsmeasure WE Dauer in Min =
    Lagerbeleg[Startdatum] = Lagerbeleg[Endedatum]
 && Lagerbeleg[Endezeit] = Lagerbeleg[MaxEndeZeit]
 && Lagerbeleg[LagerPosNr] = 1);
  Lagerbeleg[Yakar Dauer Min gesamt])
    + (SUM(Lagerbeleg[Hilfsspalte WE > 1 T Sum]))
FORMAT(Sekunde; "#00")


I'm also thinking, can we convert the below DAX to SQL?


Time_Format = 

var dayNo=INT([time]/1440)
var hourNo=INT(MOD([time],1440)/60)
var minuteNO=MOD(MOD([time],1440),60)
var secondNo=INT(([lingertime]-INT([time]))*60)
dayNo&" day "&FORMAT(hourNo,"#00")&":"&FORMAT(minuteNO,"#00")&":"&FORMAT(secondNo,"#00")




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