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sgannon1 Frequent Visitor
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Convert currency

I am using sql as my source data, and running reports for both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The data for each region is in separate tables. Is there a way I can convert the currency in the Northern Ireland tables to EURO before building my visualisations, so everything can be reported in single currency?

Thanks in advance for your help. 

jcarville Established Member
Established Member

Re: Convert currency

When you bring your data in could you not create a new column and then multiply the £ by todays € rate, I find good.

I'm not sure of a current way that the conversion rate could automatically update itself.



arify Established Member
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Re: Convert currency

If you want to keep the conversion rate updated in every refresh, you can get that rate from a Web Page query.

MrPowerBIPro Regular Visitor
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Re: Convert currency

For currency conversion, I build a Slicer for change the currency. Then I wrote a formula to change the curreny: 


For example suppose defualt currecy is Euro: 

Euro_rate1= 1.05* US Dollar

Euro_rate2 =3378 * Irianian Rial (IRR)


IF(VALUES(Currency_Table[CurrencyType])="Dollar",FORMAT(SUM(Sales [Euro])/[Euro_rate1]),"$ #,##0.00;($ #,##0.00)") ,IF(VALUES(Currency_Table[CurrencyType])="IRR",FORMAT(SUM(Incentive_Table[Euro])/[Euro_rate2]),"€ #,##0.00;(€ #,##0.00)"),FORMAT(SUM(Incentive_Table[Euro])/1),"IRR #,##0.00;(IRR #,##0.00)")))



IF Currency Type="Dollar" Then Sales based on Euro/Euro_rate1

IF Currency Type="IRR" Then Sales based on Euro/Euro_rate2


Then format them.

Did you get it ?

I hope it is helpful.



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