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Connecting to MySQL

When I am trying to get data from MySQL database, I receive a message 'This connector requires one or more additional components to be installed before it can be used'.  When I click on Learn more, it takes me to a download page to download 'Connector/NET 8.0.29'.  I download, close the Power BI Desktop and re-open, try to connect and receive the same message.  


Anyone else had this issue and know how to resolve it please?


Thank you

New Member

Thank you for your reply.  


I actually managed to get in touch with Microsoft who advised to uninstall the latest version and instead use  Connector/NET 8.0.29.


Working fine now.



The actual solution is to downgrade to 8.0.28 ( NOT .29)


MySQL 8.0.29 introduces a bug which prevents use of the Connector software-

Super User
Super User

@jstevenson , download and install 'Connector/NET 8.0.29. Hope you are installing it. It should work. Make sure no windows update is pending.

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