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Connecting Power BI to LinkedIn Learning

I am currently trying to pull data from our organizations Linkedin Learning Enterprise. After talking with our rep, she recommended reading the following and trying to build an API in LinkedIn Learning and then connect it:

Using the first link I was able to create an API in our account, but I'm not super clear on next steps. I have a user and a key that linkedin generated, but no url or anything else. I'm not sure how to specify what data to pull and how to pull it into Power BI.


Has anybody tried to connect LinkedIn Learning and Power BI in the past? Alternatively, does anyone have any tips on API building and pulling in Power BI? A lot of the documentation I've found has been confusing as a non-IT data professional. 


Helper III
Helper III

Hi, so the solution above while it's true, it's not totally efficient, because there is call limits to any API URl.
What i would suggest to connect Linkedin  to Power bi, is to use a third-party connector such as
It's pretty easy to set up, and you can choose from +200 metrics and dimensions.

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @williamjessup 

I'm not pretty sure but it looks like you need to use Get Dat -> web and then input url from your  link:


then you will be redirected to auth form in power bi  

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