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Connect to REMOTE Oracle Error: Oracle: ORA-12170: NS:Connect timeout occurred


I tested PBI with my local Oracle and I did not get problem and I tried conect to a REMOTE (AWS) Oracle database and I get this error message:

"Oracle: ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred"

I can connect to this database with my PL/SQL Developer via SQL*Net, TNSNAMES:ORA is ok, Oracle client is installed, need other network or port or firewall setting for PBI? Thanks for your assist,



Hi @ll,


Could you try using the syntax "hostname:[port number] /SID" in the servername to see if it works?


In addition, I also found some proposals for you to troubleshoot this issue.Smiley Happy

1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of Oracle client following the instructions in this article. Ensure that your Oracle client, Oracle Server and Power BI  Desktop have the same bitness(32bit or 64bit).
2. Make sure the Host IP you update in listener.ora is correct, you can use ipconfig command to verify the Host IP.
3. Restart LISTENER with the following commands.

    lsnrctl  stop

    lsnrctl  start
4. Use TNSPING to test the connectivity from Desktop to Oracle server.
5. When connecting to Oracle from Power BI desktop, enter the connection details in TNSnames.ora file, then check if it is successful. Alternatively, you can connect to the Oracle Database via EZConnect connection string. For more details, please review this similar blog.




I'm an Oracle dveloper, I use Oracle databases every day, no Listener or TNS problem, I have problem with the remote databases only, but I replaced the 64bit PBI with 32bit version and I can connect to remote databases too, I think my Oracle 10.2 client and 64bit PBI are incompatible in remote connection.  32bit is not bad for developing but I hope I can fix the 64bit problem,



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