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Connect to Azure OMS (Operations Management Suite) from Power BI Desktop



Is it possible to connect to Azure OMS from Power BI desktop? The built-in solutin of PowerBI in OMS is publishing the data only to Power BI Service, where I am not able to use multiple datasets to a report.



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I sure hope it is coming soon. Pushing it to the 0365 Power BI is great, but I need to publish some of these nice charts and iframe them into another web page. That means I need to use the newly minted Azure service PoweBI embeded. This means I need a connector in PowerBI Desktop to design and upload my charts.


Hi Iruboczki,


Currently I don't think it is available to connect to Azure OMS with Power BI Desktop, as it is not listed as an available data source under official document:

Data sources in Power BI Desktop

By the way, we could submit an idea in the following website:


And hope this feasure would come up soon.


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Im dealing with same problem as I wanted to create few log queries as separate OMS datasets in powerBI and publish those into company Intranet portal and my plan crashed on fact that I can access those datasets in powerBI service only which has the limitation you mentioned.


Next step is try using Data Catalog feature which requires enterprise license but its worth it.


I notice that from web view the Dataset can be "Analyzed in Excel" so this enabled me using powerQuery to save this output as Data Catalog. 



I had a similar problem, I used Azure Automation to query the log analytics via powershell, exported it to csv and uploaded that to a private blob. Then imported the blob with the Azure Storage connector and gathered the OMS CSV content that way. Not ideal but did the job.


Also looked at directly calling the api but authenication wasn't supported 😞


Wow, thats interesting concept. It reminds me existence of Logic Apps where I can do similar way if Flow style 🙂 so I will give it a try.


thanks for hint.



@RafDelgado that was going to be my suggestion, as I have done this as well.  Write your OMS logs to Azure Blob (as csv) with powershell and connect to blobs from Power BI.  Not ideal but definitely doable.




I would really appricate if you could post the script which posts the csv to the azure blob, as I am not a very skilled scripter. Thank you for the input, anyhow.


Best Regards



Hello Pepe80, I have completed a script that does what you are asking. Although, it usses the Azure PowerShell Operational Insights cmd lets. As well, uses the OMS query. There will need to be slight modifications on your side regarding the query and the outputs. Are you okay with this? Also, you will need the correct PowerShell Modules added.

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