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Conditional formatting on data type in chart



In my report I have a bar chart which shows values which are dependent on which category you choose in a filter. However the values are always shown in one format, based on the data type.

Is there a way to format some values (dependent on which category you choose) as a percentage and others as a whole number for instance?


Or is the only way to split up the data in your datamodel in two fields? (one formatted as percentage, the other as whole number). However this would mean I cannot use one datafield for the chart and one filter.. 


Hope somebody has an idea! 


Many thanks in advance!



Super User IV
Super User IV

Re: Conditional formatting on data type in chart

Hi @maxderuijter 


Please can you provide a data sample and the expected outcom.

The below will help you get your question answered quickly, please read it.


Best Regards,

Please feel free to connect with me.
Mariusz Repczynski


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Re: Conditional formatting on data type in chart



He probably meant something like this:


DESCRIPTION                                                             TYPE            VALUE
Average # services per case (excluding info cases)      #              0.482515549
Average # services per case (excluding info cases)      #              0.403145397
Average # services per case (excluding info cases)      #              3.088306458
ROS rate                                                                       %              0.732774807
ROS rate                                                                       %              0.726065676
ROS rate                                                                       %              0.739737388
ROS rate                                                                       %              0.724623188


So, the question would be, how to conditionally change the data type for the values of "value" depending on the character of the column "type".


Thank you

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