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Conditional formatting Stacked Chart Data Label Values


For some unknown reason, I can't seem to get the data labels to change their colours they way I want.


I want different categories to have a different colour so white text on darker category color, and dark text on the lighter category colour


Playing around with a matrix, and cell elements conditoinal formattings, it works fine based on retreiving either the rows field value, or a measure which does a switch condition.


Currenlty within Power BI - Field value set to mcasesubjectfrontcolor, but all showing up white



Visual setup

How the visual is setup.png


Current out come .. All end up the same color..

Stack chart font not changing colour?Stack chart font not changing colour?



Proof that mcasesubjectfontcolor is setup, and works in matrix

Proof that field values work via MatrixProof that field values work via Matrix


Expected outcome (ignoing the colours in the proof of concept, I am after is subject A = Front White, If Subject B = Font Blank ....)

Mocked up - Expected outcomeMocked up - Expected outcome

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Super User




Data Labels do not support conditional formatting, you could custom it but not format it as conditional.


You could vote the same idea for your requirement and make this feature come sooner.




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