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KL_Anders Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Conditional aggregation for years on key figures



I have a big dataset for monthly key figures for the 98 Danish municipalities.


When I want to see the 3 measures - Numerator, Denominator and Result(Numerator/Denominator) - across YEARS, the aggregation in Power BI is to sum



YearMonthMunicipalityKey FigureAggregation Type (Numerator)Aggregation Type (Denominator)NumeratorDenominatorResult
2017JanuarAarhusForbrugspct, serviceudg ift korr. budgetLastNonEmptyLastNonEmpty1,09E+091,29E+100,08
2017JanuarAarhusPct. alle anbragte - plejefam. (alle)AverageOfChildrenAverageOfChildren332,21644,420,52
2017JanuarAarhusPct. udg. samlet - forebyg. samletSumSum16861026524307480,32
2017JanuarAarhusSamlede udg. (service) pr 0-22-årSumAverageOfChildren5243074894702553,64
2017JanuarAarhusStrukturel driftsbalanceSumFirstNonEmpty72096098334441215,57
2017JanuarAarhusUdvikling, antal 85+ årige (pct.)LastNonEmptyFirstNonEmpty549654961
2017JanuarKøbenhavnForbrugspct, serviceudg ift korr. budgetLastNonEmptyLastNonEmpty2,03E+092,46E+100,08
2017JanuarKøbenhavnPct. alle anbragte - plejefam. (alle)AverageOfChildrenAverageOfChildren34,9368,850,51
2017JanuarKøbenhavnPct. udg. samlet - forebyg. samletSumSum378184931,37E+080,28
2017JanuarKøbenhavnSamlede udg. (service) pr 0-22-årSumAverageOfChildren1,37E+08148960919,4
2017JanuarKøbenhavnStrukturel driftsbalanceSumFirstNonEmpty3,21E+095992265361,89
2017JanuarKøbenhavnUdvikling, antal 85+ årige (pct.)LastNonEmptyFirstNonEmpty687268721
2017FebruarAarhusForbrugspct, serviceudg ift korr. budgetLastNonEmptyLastNonEmpty2,01E+091,29E+100,16
2017FebruarAarhusPct. alle anbragte - plejefam. (alle)AverageOfChildrenAverageOfChildren329,85650,960,51
2017FebruarAarhusPct. udg. samlet - forebyg. samletSumSum20403847579236280,35
2017FebruarAarhusSamlede udg. (service) pr 0-22-årSumAverageOfChildren5792362894615612,2
2017FebruarAarhusUdvikling, antal 85+ årige (pct.)LastNonEmptyFirstNonEmpty544654960,99
2017FebruarKøbenhavnForbrugspct, serviceudg ift korr. budgetLastNonEmptyLastNonEmpty3,87E+092,46E+100,16
2017FebruarKøbenhavnPct. alle anbragte - plejefam. (alle)AverageOfChildrenAverageOfChildren3568,10,51
2017FebruarKøbenhavnPct. udg. samlet - forebyg. samletSumSum430489151,37E+080,31
2017FebruarKøbenhavnSamlede udg. (service) pr 0-22-årSumAverageOfChildren1,37E+08149354915,61
2017FebruarKøbenhavnUdvikling, antal 85+ årige (pct.)LastNonEmptyFirstNonEmpty679868720,99


Any help is greatly appreciated!

TeigeGao Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Conditional aggregation for years on key figures

Hi @KL_Anders ,

Could you please share the expected result to us? Do you want to sum the three measure of every year?

If it is, we can use the calculate(sum(Numerator),allexcept(Year)).

Best Regards,


KL_Anders Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Conditional aggregation for years on key figures

Hi @TeigeGao 


Eg. for the Key Figure "Samlede udg. (service) pr 0-22-år" I want an aggregation for a year such that the result equals




In another case, I want the aggregation for the Key Figure "Pct. alle anbragte - plejefam. (alle)" to give the average of the numerator and the average of the denominator (here, the result will be the same if it's the sum of numerator divided by the sum denominator).


The aggregation has to depend on the "Aggregation Type" of the numerator and denominator.

KL_Anders Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Conditional aggregation for years on key figures