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aalfa Frequent Visitor
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Conditional Format Bar Chart



I am trying to create a very simple conditional format on a bar chart where if the first bar is less than the second bar it colors the first bar red. To be more exact, one is Actual % Complete and the second is Expected % Complete. For some reason, I cannot add either value to the "Color Saturation" or even the "Legend" fields. Both fields are a calculated column, not a measure. Please let me know what I may be missing.

2017-06-23_12-06-40.jpg25% should be red.

Thank you,



v-huizhn-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: Conditional Format Bar Chart

Hi @aalfa,

After research, we are unable to set the customer colour for your scenario. We can set the different categories colour suing data colors. For single bar, you can customize the colors used in the color scale using Minimum and Maximum or Diverging color scales. You can create an idea here and also vote this request thread.

Best Regards,